Planets in Space – Multimedia Science Activity


Planet photo courtesy of NASA’s photo journal.  Type/font added through MS Powerpoint program.

This is a K-12 multimedia science activity designed to teach kids about the solar system through the creative use of the powerpoint program. It encourages creativity via graphic design, music, video and voice overs, along with providing a base to teach copyright/terms of use. It also incorporates group, individual work and offers opportunities to practice public speaking and presentation skills.

Planets in Space – Creative, Multimedia Science Lesson


  • Names and descriptions of planets
  • Develop computer graphics and technology skills
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Develop team work and social skills
  • Use of art/multimedia/graphic design to teach technology and science
  • Copyright laws/Understanding Terms of Use
  • Applying fine art criticism to graphic design


  • Students are shown a slide show of photographs of planets which include voice and music clips. They are instructed they will be creating a planetary slideshow exhibit similar to the slide show being presented. See Jupiter example above.
  • Students are instructed to choose one planet and upload an image of that planet into powerpoint.
  • Students are instructed to choose at least 2 aspects/facts of the planet of their choice and incorporate those aspects as text with the name of the planet into their image. Encourage creativity in the choice, placement and use of fonts and creative choices of slide background etc.
  • Students are instructed to choose a music clip of their choice or make a voice recording to go with their individual planet slide.
  • In advance instructor sets up one powerpoint slide for each student.
  • Students upload their graphics image onto one powerpoint slide and then upload their music clip or voice clip to their slide.
  • A different music or voice clip will be used for each students slide or one song the class votes on to use for the entire slideshow.
  • Instructor saves as a kiosk for a continuous play slide show
  • Final exhibit slide show of students planets, critique, discussion.


Technological supplies needed:

  • Computers or access to a computer
  • Powerpoint program
  • Any computer graphics program
  • Computer overhead projector
  • Microphone
  • Internet connection
  • MS word for handouts

Handouts needed:

  • List of internet sites for planet images
  • Finding copyright/terms of use on a website
  • Copyright laws regarding downloading music
  • How to upload music and or voice clips into powerpoint
  • How to upload graphic images from another program into powerpoint

Critique/discussion topics: describe, analyze, interpretation, judgement

  • Why did you choose this planet?
  • What can you tell us about this planet?
  • Where did you get the image/which website?
  • What were their terms of use, was their work copyrighted?
  • What graphics program did you use?
  • What music/voice clip did you choose and why?
  • Why did you place the images where you did?
  • Why did you place the text where you did?
Planets in Space – Creative, Multimedia Science Activity Vol. 1 no. 7 ©November 2010, Published by Diversified ART™  ISSN 2166-3661

About Diversified ART

Community-based artists guild, international artist registry, and digital gallery with classes, activities, and programs in the visual arts. Our organization focuses on the visual arts and social and environmental consciousness.
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