The Collective Creative Whole

Visit Center for Diversified ARTEnergy according to physics is defined as a measurement of the ability of an object to change its surroundings. Creativity is energy; fluid dynamic energy that not only changes and evolves on a continually basis, but changes whomever it comes in contact with. Human beings have yet to discover the vast potential and possible applications of creative energy.

The Collective Creative Whole is a theory. If we use the northern lights as an analogy for creative energy we can gain a better understanding of how creativity works. The northern lights are fluid dynamic energy in a constant state of change and movement. By reducing the northern lights to millions of synchronized molecules working together to produce a phenomenon we can relate this to how creative energy works.

In other words, creativity is made up of millions of synchronized molecules all working together to produce energy. Imagine one of the synchronized molecules that makes up the northern lights is separated from the pack. While this single molecule cannot produce the northern lights on its own, it can still produce its part.

Now lets imagine three molecules of the northern lights are separated from the larger whole, these three molecules still would not be able to produce the northern lights, but the energy they can create as three molecules is greater than the energy created by one molecule.

If the creative energy of human beings is seen as the collective molecules that make up the northern lights, we can theorize each of us possesses a piece of the energy that makes up a larger whole.

So how does this work? Creativity is a whole, and like the northern lights each of us makes up one of the molecules of the larger whole. As separate individuals we each possess a small amount of the collective creative whole. One creative person can produce x amount of creativity, but when combined with two other creative individuals 3x of creativity can be produced because they are combining their creative energy.

Human beings have become accustomed to producing energy from man made materials; cars, electricity, etc. What if we (human beings) are the energy source and no materials need be combined or special devices constructed, all that is needed is our mind and its capacity to understand the vast creative whole we all come from.

Many creative people have an innate understanding, conscious or not of the fact that they are part of a larger creative whole. This ability to draw from or “tap into” the collective creative whole is a skill. And just as some are born with certain more developed skills, a skill is nonetheless something that can be taught, learned and developed.

Creativity is energy representing human-kinds greatest potential, it is an energy source linking us not only to each other but connecting us to a greater whole. Creativity can be measured, taught, applied and developed, but to fully comprehend its vast potential it first has to be understood.

Collective Creative Whole Vol. 1 – no. 9 ©2010, Published by Diversified ART™ ISSN 2166-3661

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